#1 Membership Dues

This 2021/22 year, membership dues for Pack 39 are $215/Scout. We've rolled all Membership Fees & Dues into one simple button.

Scout Fees:

  • $72 National BSA

  • $66 Occoneechee Council ($54 Council Activity Fee + $12 Council Insurance Fee)

  • $12 Scouts Life

Pack 39 Fees:

  • $40 per 1 scout and 1 parent for Campouts ($10 per campout x 4 campouts)

  • $5 per scout for badges and awards

  • $5 per scout for Pinewood Derby Car

  • $5 per scout for Blue and Gold Banquet

  • $10 per 1 scout and 1 parent for a Pack 39 T-shirt

#2 Other Donations or partial payments

Want to make a donation (any amount) to Pack 39 or make a partial payment? Please use this link to enter a custom amount. You will be able to pay with either credit card or a PayPal account.

#3 Camping Payments

Please use the button below to pay for any family member who will be camping in addition to the 1 parent/1 scout that is included in your dues. Example: Billy, his dad, mom, and little sister are going on the scout camping trip. Billy is a registered cub scout. Billy and one parent do not have to pay for camping, the other parent and sister will have to pay $10 each for camping. This helps cover the cost of food and additional campsites that we may need to help accommodate everyone attending.