Dues & Donations

#1 Membership Dues

This 2020/21 year, membership dues for Pack 39 are only $25/Scout.  
We've rolled all Membership Fees & Dues into one simple button. 

$66 National BSA
$66 Occoneechee Council ($54 Council Activity Fee + $12 Council Insurance Fee)
$25 Pack 39 Dues

***NOTE: This year we are NOT including a subscription to Boys Life Magazine. 
You may follow this link to subscribe separately. (Please copy and paste)

Click the "Donate" button below to be taken to a page where you can make a payment with either credit card or PayPal.

#2 First Time Cub Scout?

Are you in Kindergarten, or have never been a Cub Scout before? Welcome to Pack39. There is a one-time only new members fee of $25 for creating your online account and national paperwork that will follow your scouting journey your whole life.   

If you don't have a handbook or uniform yet but need one at this time, please go to the Scout Shop to order directly.

#3 Other Donations

Want to make a donation (any amount) to Pack 39?  Please use this link to enter a custom amount.  You will be able to pay with either credit card or a PayPal account.