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Outings Safety

The safety of your son while involved in any Scouting activity is our leaders’ number one priority.

Through pack outings, scouts will learn to live with others in the out-of-doors and to be good citizens of the outdoors. Camping helps a scout to learn to rely on himself - on his own skills and knowledge. When he goes camping as a Cub Scout, he develops skills he will learn and use more, later, as a Boy Scout.

Most importantly, the primary intent of our outings is to have fun on exciting adventures into the natural world. Such outings are good for the mind, body and spirit.  For all of our scouts to have fun, we need to stay safe.

Required Forms for all Pack 39 Outings:

Pursuant to BSA policy, under no circumstances will any Pack 39 scout be allowed on any outing without an annual BSA Health and Medical Record on file with the pack.  Parts A and B of the form - including a photocopy of the health insurance card and vaccination dates - must be completed and signed within the current year.  This document is valid for one calendar year from signature date and need be turned in only once per scouting year.

Furthermore, a current Health and Medical Record form must be on file for any scout, parent or sibling to be allowed on any overnight outing.

Parts A and B of the Health and Medical Record form will be carried with the Outings Chair or Den Leader who is charge of the outing. This is even true for outings where a parent is present. If something was to happen to both boy and parent and the parent was unable to sign-over care for the boy, this information allows the leaders to obtain medical care.

In addition, no Pack 39 scout will be allowed on any outing without a parent (or legal guardian) signed Pack 39 Behavior Contract.  This document must be turned in once per scouting year.

Pack 39 policy: If the leader does not have a Behavior Contract and Health and Medical Record form (parts A and B plus photocopy of insurance info) in their possession for a scout, then that scout may not participate in the outing.

Safety Rules for Scouts:
  • no running or ball playing in camping area (where tents, cooking area, fire rings, etc. are located)
  • no sticks
    • exception: leader-approved hiking sticks used during hikes only
  • no fire - scouts never play with or put anything into a fire
    • exception: leader-supervised cooking for Webelos only
  • no knives
    • possessing knife on trip without Whittlin' Chip is forbidden; knives will be confiscated
    • exception: boys with Whittlin' Chip may use pocket knife during leader-supervised activity
  • no scouts may travel alone
    • buddy system to be used in all circumstances scout not actively supervised by parent or leader

Safety-related Advice for Families:
  • all adults are Akelas for the Cub Scouts
    • leaders need parents to participate in leadership, including discipline
    • parents should not hesitate to act when things go wrong
  • treat each other nicely, remember the core values and character connections that are so important to scouts
  • no campfires except main camp fire without leaders' knowledge and full BSA safety precautions followed
    • water and/or sand; shovel; 6-foot clearance; etc.
Parents must also remember that they are ultimately responsible for their children's behavior and safety at pack events, especially during times of free play. This means knowing where your children are and what they are doing around the campsite. This is can be difficult for parents who are helping with cooking, cleaning, etc. In these situations, busy volunteers should designate another adult to supervise their children.