General Equipment & Supplies Needed for Cub Scout Camping trips:

  • Items for outing: usual car-camping gear
  • Each person must have:
    • plate, cup and utensils for eating (no paper goods or extras will be available on site)
    • daypack
    • reusable water bottle
  • Reminder: Pack’s meals can be supplemented with your favorites or to suit your needs.
  • Please bring a camp stove if you have one, and join the breakfast cooks on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • It will be fall this weekend:  highs around 60 F and lows around 40 F! Parents and especially scouts may be cold at night and in the mornings.  To combat the cold, bring:
    • layer-able clothing and bring lots of layers. 
    • a blanket to go in or over your sleeping bags.
    • a warm hat (and consider gloves) for everyone.
    • a tasty, high-calorie snack to eat at bedtime (or if you wake up cold; e.g., Cliff bars or Snickers; don't sleep with open food or wrappers inside your tent unless you like furry visitors.)
    • a camping stove, even if it's just a backpacking stove, so that you can make your own coffee, hot chocolate, etc.
  • Other recommended gear and food includes:  cooking gear to help out (e.g., coffee or breakfast cooking), sunscreen, water, fruit punch or Gatorade mix-ins (makes staying hydrated more palatable for some), day snacks, and any supplemental food items.
  • As always, please ask any of the leaders if you need packing help or advice.